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services - shape

  • Women’s Haircut

    Includes a wash with scalp massage and a blow-dry.

  • Men’s Haircut

    Includes a wash with scalp massage and simple style.

  • New Talent
  • $60
  • $38
  • Established stylist
  • $75
  • $48
  • Director
  • $95
  • $58

services - color

  • Accent Color / Panel Add-on service only

    A bit of color to add interest to a haircut (up to 10 foils).

  • $75+
  • Partial Highlight

    We use foils to create lightening or darkening throughout the top and front hairline (up to 30 foils).

  • $95+
  • Full Highlight

    A full head of foiling, covering all hairlines and interior of the hair (30+ foils).

  • $155+
  • Balyage

    A hair painting technique used to create the softest and most natural looking dimension.

  • $135+
  • Ombre

    A more intense/solid  lightening in the ends of the hair than Balyage.

  • $165+
  • All Over / First Time Color

    For the first time color experience, or for those wanting to match out-growth and refresh through the ends.

  • $70+
  • Gloss Color Add-on service only

    For ultimate shine and color refreshment, ask your stylist about possibilities with color glossing.

  • $50+
  • Bleach and Tone

    Price will be quoted on length of hair and desired level and tone of outcome. This service does require 4 week maintenance for up-keep.

  • Call for consultation
  • Corrective / Specialty

    Looking for an Ombre look, or wanting to bring your locks from light to dark or vice versa? Also includes any fashion coloring like neons, pastels, and rainbow hues. All specialty looks require a consultation and pricing will be quoted at the time of service. *2 hour minimum charged

  • $85 hourly*
  • Men’s

    From gray blending to acid yellow, men should be able to express themselves too.

  • $60+

services - style

  • Blow-Dry

    Treat yourself to a luxurious scalp massage and conditioning treatment included with our blow-dry services. Get a full blow-out for an amazing feeling, from big sexy hair to smooth and sleek.

  • $40+
  • Thermal Add-on service only

    Want that extra touch on your style? Add a curling or flat ironing option for just $15 more.

  • $15+
  • Hair-Up

    Do you need your Breakfast at Tiffany’s fashion fix? We are able to perform a variety of hair up services. We do not specialize in braiding services.

  • $80+
  • Brazilian Blowout

    The ultimate in hair smoothing services. The service consists of receiving a shampoo, application of product, blow-drying and then a thorough flat-ironing of the hair. The hair is then rinsed and conditioned to reveal the amazing new straight and smooth hair that will be yours for up to 4 months (depends on how often you wash your hair).

  • $180+ (above shoulder length)
    $240+ (below shoulder length)